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 House Of Kheesa

About Us


Kheesa which means pocket in Bundelkahdi is an article of conscious clothing and jewelry

label based in India.We are working and trying to make

sustainable clothing economical.

Being pocket lovers we love to adorn our garments with patches of pockets made out of fabric waste.Our fabrics are sourced from small towns in order to support communities that are working on handlooms and other crafts for generations. We love collecting offcuts fabric from local tailors and making mindful garments out of it. To consciously design each garment considering its longevity of it while protecting our planet is our belief.

We the House Of Kheesa originated from modest beginnings, but our drive and will to achieve positive change have allowed us to grow into the successful Online Sustainable Product Store we are today. It’s not just about offering environmentally friendly and socially responsible products, we strive to inform and inspire the global community to embrace a sustainable lifestyle. Everything we source and sell at out store is intended to build a better and healthier life for humanity and the environment. We believe that change is only possible if everyone plays an active role in the choices they make as consumers. Want to transform your way of life and reduce your ecological footprint in a measurable way?

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